Application & Data Modernization with DXterity8


Legacy Applications

Fully Re-developed
Modern Patterns and Standards
Agile Process
Robust Microservices
Parallel Construction
Industry Standards

DXterity Solutions’ AI-powered, code-writing-code technology consumes your software project data model, schema and abstracted model or it consumes your legacy software database, artifacts, metadata, business rules, etc. DX8 automatically authors a full-stack enterprise-grade software application framework. Millions of lines of code are generated in minutes.

DX8 acts as a software lifecycle management tool that allows for quick backend modifications, support, feature enhancements, and changes through the regeneration of the entire enterprise application code while preserving all extended custom code — your software code never gets old.

api generation

Our development platform technology builds enterprise API layers in minutes.




Using RDBMS platforms like 


SQL Server



Disparate databases, legacy systems and cloud services can be easily integrated to extend and create new business value through our unrivaled API generation and microservices capabilities. 

Deployed on premise or in containerized platforms, our technology builds a new layer or interface around existing applications that integrates data across multiple platforms.

The rapidly generated APIs facilitate workload mobility allowing the necessary data to be consumed in the cloud, as well as to connect to other applications.

Custom Applications

After understanding our client’s needs through our business analysis process, our services team using DXterity8 produces a new application by modeling the data source in an abstracted model or consuming an existing data model and then constructing an entire application.

This includes core source code, web API, web UI, unit testing, documentation, solution files, libraries, logic tiers and an abstracted data model. The data model is ingested and the new application is generated as a .NET standard, .NET core or Java solution.