What is DXterity?

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DXterity enables and accelerates digital transformation for organizations of all sizes from idea to implementation. With a focus on application and data modernization, our approach saves time and cost as we produce outcomes that deliver exceptional customer experiences and improved operational processes.  fr-libido.com/

Our model-first consulting expertise paired with our intellectual property, an application development platform is evolving the traditional methods of software construction.

OUR History

Formed in 2016, 27 Software US, Inc. acquired the intellectual property and employees of 27 Software Canada in order to further develop and broadly commercialize the products and services of the former company. 27 Software Canada, with over 15 years of IT consulting experience, had created a competitively advantageous process by pairing a classic business-rules-first consulting approach with a unique, proprietary developer technology platform. After achieving years of dramatic software development productivity increases, the process has been further refined into DXTERITY ™, enabling and accelerating Digital Transformation solutions.


To continue the evolution of solving business problems through software development innovation. DXterity was created to commercialize and scale our unique service and product approach. This approach empowers people and organizations to turn their ideas into business success faster and more reliable than traditional development methods.

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