Who are your competitors?

There are tools and platforms that carry out features of the DX8 platform i.e. ORM tools, ETL, data transformation and migration, API extension etc. However, we are yet to come across a single platform that encapsulates all these capabilities in one single unified platform.

Can I access your platform to evaluate key features prior to a purchase?

Yes, DXterity offers a 14-day Free Trial of DX8.  Gain immediate access to sample projects containing hydrated data models- seeded with multiple database connections. Or create your own project!  Generate a database script from a model and or convert a database to a model. Analyze the quality of a database and see the resolution scripts. Author code in .Net, .Net Core or Java.

What is the differential of the DX8 platform compared to competitors?

DX8 automates the generation of millions of lines of code in a data-first approach to produce a full-stack, fully extensible enterprise solution in a couple of minutes.  Database analysis and repairs are automated, along with automated generation of code, Web UI, fully hydrated API layer, documentation, and unit testing.  The generated code and extended code comprise an evergreen solution that is also easily updated, standardized, and enhanced.

What is the average setup time for DX8?

Deployment of the DX8 platform within an environment requires a download and an install of the runtime, all of which can happen over a few minutes.

What is the customization percentage for a new customer?

No customization is required in using the DX8 platform but it provides a rich set of customization and configurations necessary to modernize both your workloads and data in view of the target system and environment.

Why is DB Analyzer required in DX8?

DB Analyzer and DB Resolver ensure a high-quality database for generating code and API layers.  

Why is the quality of the database important for DX8?

Adherence to high quality DB standards ensures top performance of queries and API calls. The quality of generated output from the most rudimentary crud generator, such as Entity Framework and nHibernate, will depend on the quality of the DB.

How long does it take to use DB Analyzer and DB Resolver to improve the quality of a data source?

 DB Analyzer takes less than 2 minutes to run, obtain a score, and obtain specific areas that must be fixed.  DB Resolver can take an hour or several hours depending on the number of entities involved.  We recently had a 12 table SQL schema that scored 12% on the initial run.  Within 40 minutes, using DB Resolver, it had a passing score of 82%.