Transforming Ideas into Software

Chris Chartrand, CTO DXterity Solutions

Mind reading is not a thing – at least not currently; and not to a sufficient degree in order to realize ideas directly as software solutions.  It should be noted that in this case “ideas” represent a subset of all ideas – those ideas that can and should be implemented as software.  However, the advancements in recent years have pushed the envelope on how quickly, accurately and successfully certain ideas can, in fact, be developed into functioning enterprise software.

A significant breakthrough in the pursuit of rapid development of enterprise software happened when the insertion of an abstraction layer between the idea phase and the final concrete implementation was proposed and implemented.  This was referred to as the “abstract model” – specifically non-specific terminology.  This abstract model allowed for quick modeling from existing sources such as data schemas, logical models, physical models or Entity Relational (ER) diagrams. The abstract model could then be extended and enhanced to fill in the gaps where the existing sources were incomplete.  The stage was then set to be able to transform the enhanced abstract model into enterprise software.  

DXterity Solutions’ DX8, is a productivity platform that is designed to manage abstract models and perform the conversion to full enterprise solutions.  The end result is that often within hours a concept or idea can be transformed into a multi-tier, fully realized secure and hardened enterprise grade software solution!

Without generation locking myself, I grew up before personal computers were widely available and affordable.  I owned my first x386 machine (with a dot matrix printer to boot!) in my first year of university.  I mention this only to say that my fascination with these advanced machines is real, and reaching this plateau of turning ideas into reality quickly and efficiently, still feels very exciting to me!

There is still a long way to go – the list is honestly too long to enumerate in this short brief.  But, I am dreaming, working, and moving forward with these technologies, continually pushing (and sometimes shattering) the boundaries of what people think is possible.

Happy programming one and all!